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Dato: 16. november 2015

Skrevet av: Even Bolstad

    Etter Paris-terroren

    HR Norge, ved daglig leder Even Bolstad, sendte i dag denne meldingen til vår søsterorganisasjon ANDRH i Frankrike:

    Dear colleagues and members of ANDRH;

    Terror has once again hit Paris. Families, colleagues and friends have lost their loved ones – a nation has once again got an open wound.

    Paris means so much for many Europeans. In addition, you very much represent the cradle of the ideas and legislation all of our modern societies are built upon.

    You are so close to us. An attack on you is an attack on us all.

    Through these terrible actions terrorists have once again succeeded in bringing fear into the daily lives of millions of people. Let it be a short-lived triumph.

    You are in our thoughts.

    Illustrasjonsfoto: xdbooking / Flickr Creative Commons

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