Disrupt or die: How HR can create organisations for the future


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This workshop provides you with a framework to think through how HR can develop the key capabilities that they will need to build in order to create future organisations.

We live in a world of increasing disruption not only of products and services but of business models. George Bernard Shaw defined insanity as doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. If businesses respond to disruption by hoping everything will be all right, they’ll end up like Blockbuster or Toys R Us. In this environment businesses must get on the front foot and become the disruptors in their industry. In this workshop you will learn practical tools and techniques that HR can apply in their organisations:

  • How to create a culture where risk taking and failure are encouraged as a key underpinning for innovation
  • How to ensure your internal systems encourage rather than discourage the collaboration that allows organisations to tap into the collective intelligence of their people
  • How to structure an organisation to be agile and nimble
  • How to develop and exploit the expertise of front-line staff in understanding future trends and use this hyperawareness to connect them to the top of the organisation to drive insights at speed into product development

In each case we won’t look at irrelevant examples from small high-tech start-ups but at how large global organisations like 3M, Microsoft, ING and Zara are doing this in established industries. This ensures the learning is transferable rather than theoretical and irrelevant.


Nick Holley has extensive experience not only in researching key trends in HR and working with major global businesses, but he also has a background in senior HR roles as a partner and Arthur Andersen and Director of Global People Development at Vodafone. This gives him a highly focused commercial and practical outlook on HR. Nick is an Executive Fellow at Henley Business School and Associate Director of Learning for the Corporate Research Forum, one of the largest HR Research networks in Europe. In all these roles he has researched these major disruptive trends and worked with organisations in 30 countries to help them think through the implications for the business, for leadership and for HR.  

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