Nordic HR Summit 2017

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Medlemsmøte - Oslo

11:30 - 13:00

2200,- (Inkl. lunsj begge dager, og middag.)

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    Thon Hotel Opera

    Adresse: Dronning Eufemias gate 4, 0191, Oslo

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    HR Norge

    Telefon: +47 22 11 11 22



    Join the first joint Nordic HR event focusing on Nordic HR challenges and potentials

    Join the first joint Nordic HR event - the meeting place for HR professionals from all five Nordic countries who work with HR across the Nordic borders.

    This is a unique opportunity to establish HR networks across the Nordic borders.

    In an increasingly more international business environment, HR leaders face new challenges in handling cross-border issues in fields like HR strategy, leadership development, compensation, legal topics and more. The purpose of the HR Nordic Summit is to build a foundation for co-operation and exchange for experience and knowledge across the borders of the Nordic countries.

    At this first event, we focus on specific Nordic HR challenges and look at how we can leverage the Nordic similarities and differences to create business benefits. There will be lectures combined with workshops and ample opportunity to network.

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    Here are some of the lectures and workshops that you can look forward to:

    When Vikings and Values clash – Doing business with Scandinavians

    • Why are Danes such bold negotiators?
    • Why can’t Swedes make snap decisions?
    • Why are Norwegians so infatuated with Norwegian solutions?
    • Why don’t Finns say anything?
    • Why don´t Icelanders ask for a piece of advice before they head out?

    Where the similarities are striking, the nuances are important and the stereotypes often loom over the collaborations. In the Nordic region, we are so similar that we can easily collaborate, and so different that we can learn from each other. This is our best chance in a globalized world. If we seize it, that is.

    Kirsten Wess. Danish speaker and journalist. Author of the book “When Vikings clash” is a Danish speaker and journalist.

    Cross boarder challenges related to labor legislation in the Nordics

    Many companies with parent companies or subsidiaries in other Nordic countries experience that their rights and duties as employers are very different. These special differences leads to special challenges:

    • During reorganizations and reconstruction processes with several countries involved
    • In the day-to-day HR management between countries when hiring, dismissing etc.

    In this lecture Kari will outline and comment on the legal framework and challenges to be met from a Nordic perspective.

    Kari Bergeius Andersen. Partner and lawyer in the Norwegian lawyer firm Storeng, Beck & Due Lund

    The making and circulation of Nordic models

    What happens when you apply an American HR model or other models to the Nordics? - or apply a model from one Nordic country to another Nordic country. In this lecture you will learn about the nature and challenges related to the “Nordic Model”:

  • What is the ”Nordic model”?
  • Are there several Nordic models?
  • How are Nordic models created, circulated and used?
  • What happens when Nordic models meet other models?

    Haldor Byrkjeflot is academic director for UiO Nordic, a large cross-disciplinary strategic research initiative at University of Oslo. Furthermore Haldor Byrkjeflot is professor in sociology at the University in Oslo

  • Workshop: Exchange of experiences and learnings from dealing with the various Nordic labor markets and their legislation

    Experiences and learnings from dealing with the various Nordic Labor markets. The participant will together develop of a “white paper” with advise and checklists dealing with cross boarder Nordic legal labor issues

    • Processes
    • Involvement
    • Union relations

    Tone Rose Todalshaug. Senior Advisor in HR Norge will facilitate the workshop

    Workshop: Nordic HR – where are we? And where are we going?

    Based on a various surveys and what they tell us, we will discuss the Nordic HR landscape as it looks right now – and then look into the crystal ball and try to forecast where Nordic HR is headed.

    • Nordic HR trends
    • Nordic employee trends
    • Where can we in HR learn from each other in the Nordics

    Even Bolstad. Managing Director, HR Norge

    Welcome, and please bring HR colleagues working in any of the other Nordic countries.

    The event is free for all members of the Nordic HR organisations. There will however be a fee of 2200 NOK to be paid covering a food and beverage during the event. Booking and payment of hotel room has to be done individually. HR Norge has made a preservation of rooms at the conference hotel Thon Opera in the center of Oslo. Please refer to the event, when you make your reservations.

    The joint Nordic HR event is an initiative which springs from the Nordic HR member organizations. The first event will be held in Norway, but the intention is that it will be an annual recurring event, where the host role rotates between the countries.

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